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  1. αδεκαρία, αμασία, ανάγκη, αναπαραδιά, ανέχεια, απενταρία, απληστία, απορία, αραθυμιά.
  2. Define hungry. hungry synonyms, hungry pronunciation, hungry translation, English dictionary definition of hungry. adj. hun·gri·er, hun·gri·est 1. Experiencing a desire or need for food. 2. Extremely desirous; avid: hungry for recognition. 3. Characterized by or.
  3. This translation was retrieved from the translations found at timudjubooksvimamorsocumsbigtorep.infoinfo may be less accurate than other entries. This banner can be removed if the entry has been checked.
  4. English words for πείνα include hunger, famine, starvation and hungriness. Find more Greek words at timudjubooksvimamorsocumsbigtorep.infoinfo!
  5. Definition of πείνα in the timudjubooksvimamorsocumsbigtorep.infoinfo dictionary. Meaning of πείνα. What does πείνα mean? Information and translations of πείνα in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on .
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  7. The Great Chinese Famine (Chinese: 三年大饥荒, "three years of famine") was a period in the history of the People's Republic of China (PRC) which was characterized by widespread famine between the years and Some scholars have also included the years or The Great Chinese Famine is widely regarded as the deadliest famine and one of the greatest man-made disasters in.
  8. Η πείνα του Χάμσουν όπως αναφέρει και ο ίδιος δεν είναι ένα μυθιστόρημα. Και βεβαίως δεν αποτελεί ένα μυθιστόρημα γιατί πρόκειται σαφώς για μία ιδιάζουσα ψυχική διαδικασία κατά την οποία ένας άνθρωπος, πολύ.
  9. Periklis Vyzantios lived in the XX cent., a remarkable figure of Greek Impressionism and Post-Impressionism. Find more works of this artist at timudjubooksvimamorsocumsbigtorep.infoinfo – best visual art database.

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